Screme Egg


Here's the problem I'm having with writing this review, there's not really much to write about. Don't get me wrong, this is a fine tasting chocolate treat filled with a soft gooey center. The thing is, other than one detail, I've already written this review. For the most part this Screme Egg is exactly the same as the Crème Egg also made by Cadbury, so my opinion on the taste and texture are exactly the same. I guess I could quote my old review:

"The center “goo” (as Cadbury calls it) is very sweet. Most people can't take more than one or two of these eggs at a time. That’s not because most people don't like this goo, it's smooth, and tasty, but it's just very sweet and rich.”

The one difference in this review is the novelty factor, and while the regular Crème Egg got a perfect 5 for the fact that the yolk and the white was separated, I think this treat deserves a 5 for stepping out a little and making a fun Halloween version. For those that don't mind losing the surprise, the difference between the Screme Egg and the Crème Egg is the colour of the yolk in the center. In this case, instead of an egg white and yellow yolk coloured center, the center of this egg is green.

It's kind of gross looking, but still really fun. Because those of us that have been eating Creme Eggs for so many years are used to the regular center, it's a great surprise. If you've never had a Creme Egg before, and you try this, you might not feel that there's anything that special about it, but those of us with a memory for this classic Cadbury treat find it pretty cool.

This is a really hard treat to review, while it is tasty, it really only appeals to a certain group of people, those who have tasted Cadbury Crème Eggs before. Fortunately, I have so I’m pretty happy right now.