Sesame Bar with Honey


Wow this treat is really filled with sesame seeds. I've had sesame treats in the past and very often they're pretty jam packed with sesame seeds. The difference is often the sweet coating really dulls down the flavour of the sesame seeds and makes it into a sweet bar. This Sesame Bar with Honey on the other hand isn't that sweet at all, in fact it's even a little bitter. I do taste a little bit of a honey (sweet) flavour, but it's not very strong, and not nearly as strong as the sesame seeds.

This bar is also not hard and crunchy like other sesame bars I've had in the past. Instead it's a little soft, or maybe it's not. It's hard to tell if honey coating is soft, or if there's just so many more sesame seeds that it doesn't allow for the coating to get hard. All I can safely say is that this bar is not like most sesame bar treats that I’ve tasted in texture or taste.

Needless to say, this bar is a great treat for anybody who prefers something a little nuttier. I would put out a bit of a warning for anybody trying this bar out thinking they would enjoy it because they like sesame seeds. It's very rare that anybody is given a mouthful of sesame seeds and the flavour in small amounts might be OK. However, this bar delivers a much stronger sesame flavour and it might not suit all tastes.