Mochi Choco

Royal Family Food CO LTD

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve ever eaten Mochi in my life. For those that are unfamiliar, Mochi is pounded sticky rice, formed into a ball. I had the opportunity to try it several years ago and I can honestly say it was kind of gross. It tastes like rice, which is kind of bland, and has the consistency of a sticky, uncooked dough. Mochi seems like the type of treat that might grow on me in time, but at first bite I didn’t like it at all.

So why in the world would I want to try Mochi Choco? Well I like chocolate, and the sesame seed filling intrigued me. So, I know there’s a few other ingredients that might improve the bland rice flavour. I guess I also figured I might as well try it again to see if I’ll grow into the taste a little more.

As it turns out, it just might have worked. I didn’t mind these nearly as much as I disliked the plain Mochi that I tried a while back. Amazingly I’m not 100% sure that the chocolate was completely necessary. The peanuts on the outside and the sesame filled centre was really very nice and would have done the job of improving the bland mochi flavour and weird texture well enough on its own. The chocolate was so super waxy that it really only took away from nice nutty flavour of the other ingredients. I was kind of disappointed with the quantity of sesame seeds in the middle, as it took like two bites till I managed to get a mouthful. Maybe I should have popped the whole thing in my mouth at once instead.

So, this Mochi Choco wasn’t bad, and it was different than most snacks that you find around town. I still haven’t gotten over my Mochi hatred yet, but treats like this certainly help, and keep me motivated to keep trying.