Sherbet Pips

Josheph Dobson & Sons

When it comes to sherbet I'm often left a little confused. Growing up sherbet for me was a frozen desert. It was like a gelato, but not as milky. A sort of slush, but not like a Slurpee. It's basically a slush meets an ice cream, without the milk. In many places around the world, there's a connection with sherbet and candies. These candies are citrus, and they almost always leave your mouth feeling tingly. This can sometimes be because of a fizzy element, although sometimes it's also a sour element.

These Sherbet Pips aren't really fizzy, like a package of Pop Rocks, however there is something about them that gives my mouth a tingle. I imagine that the fizzy feeling here is the sour tingle one gets from eating a lemon candy. Because of this, I find that the white and yellow candies are a little sourer, and give my mouth a bit more of a tingle. The red Sherbet Pips are some kind of berry flavour, and while tasty, don't really do much for me on the fizzy texture side. The yellow and white seem to be a little more tart, and therefore a little more fun to eat.

Flavour aside, these candies are really great because of their little size. I always find it gratifying to stick a whole bunch of little candies in my mouth at once, and these allow me to do this in spades. They are hard candies, but they're not that hard to bite through either. So after sucking on them for a few minutes, if you can't resist, they're fun to bite down on.

I'm not really sure about this whole "sherbet" thing, but these are certainly some delightful little candies to both suck and chew on.