October 2023

Shiny’ Acid


I get the feeling that the name of this treat is lost in translation. That or it’s possible that Carrefour is just really heavy when they name their candies. While I’m sure there is some kind of acid or acid like chemical used to make these sour, I think using the word “acid” makes it sound much stronger than it actually is. When I hear the word acid I assume that there’s going to be something melting off or at the very least burning for a long period of time.

The interesting thing is that while the name of these is extreme, the candy itself isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, these are very sour candies, but the sourness is tolerable and actually very pleasant. I would actually go so far as to say that these are the most pleasantly sour candies I’ve ever eaten. Most sour candies seem to fall on one side or the other extreme when it comes to sour intensity. You either question why the candy should be called sour at all, or question your ability to keep it in your mouth for more than a second or two. These are fairly sour, but not so sour that you want to spit them out. They’re sour, but not uncomfortable.

Flavour wise they have a nice range of fruit flavour, some are easy to identify, like the apple and berry, others are just generic fruit flavours. The fruit flavours however are perfectly balanced with the sour flavour, so you really get a sense of both at the same time. Texture wise they’re pretty standard for gummies, but size wise I was really happy. Rather than give you a full gummy worm length, they give you half a gummy worm length. It makes them look more like gummy maggots than gummy worms, but for chewing comfort that works for me.

I would safely say that these might be the best sour gummies I’ve ever had. The texture and flavour are nice, and the intensity of the sour is pitch perfect.