Lay's 2 in 1 "Grilled Shrimp and Green Sauce"


There are several reasons I don't like these chips. One is the fact that I'm not a huge shellfish fan, although shrimp are one of the more tolerable shellfish in my opinion. The problem I have is that I rarely find that shrimp flavored snacks actually taste like shrimp at all. So, what I get from the shrimp flavored chips is something that doesn't taste like one of the only shellfishes that I don't really mind. To put it more simply, I don't really like these chips. If you like other shrimp flavored snacks then you might like them, but I don't.

The green sauce flavored chips were better; however, they were a little spicy. I'm not a huge fan of spicy chips, so these green chips weren't great either. I preferred them to the shrimp chips, but this leads to another problem. Since the chips were not separated in the bag, I found that the flavors cross contaminated with each other. The shrimp flavor being more dominant made almost every chip taste like fake shrimp. The green ones were not as shrimpy, but the flavor was there.

If given the opportunity I'd like to try the green chips on their own. I'd likely not be able to get through the whole bag because of the spiciness, but I think it might be a tasty chip. These chips didn't do it for me, but that's likely because I'm not a huge fan of fake shrimp flavours.