"When the cream sits out too long, you must whip it" - Devo. This bar is a simple combination of chocolate and a whipped chocolate center. This is a simple bar in that it’s only got two distinct features, and each of these features are very common in the candy bar world. Some bars can manage simple and still come out to be a decent treat, others are simple, but in the bad way. I think this bar is okay, but it is lacking a little something in the texture department. It’s not horrible, but it won’t do great on the texture score.

I think the best way to describe the Shush bar is to compare it to a Milky Way without the caramel. It’s super soft, and texture wise it’s a little bit dull. The size of this bar is kind of small, but in a cute way. The chocolate, as with most British chocolate bars, is far higher quality than most North American bars. Having said that let's get back to what is in the center of this bar.

It’s kind of hard to say exactly what is in the center of this bar, as similar substances have gone by different names in different bars. I've tasted so many chocolate bars that describe the fluffy stuff in the center of this bar as different things. For example, some bars call it nougat, others call it marshmallow, and some even just call if fluffy. I’m generally okay with the fluffy description, I find that it’s too loose to be marshmallow and too fluffy to call it nougat.

It's time I figure out what this fluffy stuff really is. As for this bar, it’s tasty because of the fine quality of chocolate, but the texture isn’t that satisfying. It’s a fine enough bar to eat, but I don’t think I’d seek it out in the future.