Silver Queen "Almond"


Once again, I'm in a difficult position when it comes to writing a candy review. I have just finished eating an almond chocolate bar and it was totally boring. Nothing about this bar was special in any way. It wasn't so great that I felt like I needed to tell the world that they must immediately buy it, but it wasn't so bad that it made me gag either. The Silver Queen was also not very creative, nothing at all made me think this bar was special, nothing. It was an OK chocolate bar with decent enough almonds in it. This always proves to be a difficult review to write because all I can do is go on about how meh this bar is.

I wish there was something special about this almond chocolate bar that would be noteworthy. Maybe if it had exceptionally tasty almonds, or maybe if they were a little bit over toasted to give them a uniquely strong flavour. The chocolate was the only thing that wasn't average, it was a little bit below average, smooth enough but lacking in cocoa. The texture was fine, but nothing that I would call unique except I guess a plus could be that they used whole almonds instead of almond bits, but since nothing else was exceptional about this bar, that's kind of a desperate grab.

I just wish this bar had something unique, special, excellent, or even horrible about it. It would have made it much easier to review. As it stands all I can say is it’s an okay bar to eat, but no reason at all to search it out.