Chocolate Bunny

Simone Marie Belgian Chocolate

Look at him, so happy, so cheerful, so.... Well let's get to the point, I ate him, I picked him up and bit his head off. Normally Easter bunnies have a bit more of a cold stare in their eyes, but this guy actually had a bit of personality. That’s what made me think more about how destructive this holiday actually is. It made me think about how weird it is to eat something that’s frankly really cute. It’s the curse of this chocolate bunny, but a curse I have to deal with myself.

Now that you know how it went down, let me tell you how he was. This treat is what could make a candy lover's day; its simple high-quality chocolate, and why shouldn't it be. Just because it’s Easter doesn’t mean you deserve anything less than a find piece of chocolate. The gimmick of making it cute should not affect how good it tastes. One of the problems with many Easter treats is the lack of quality, sure if you’re an average candy eater anything will do, but if you expect the best this is your treat.

The one “downfall” is that you do have to eat this bunny fairly quick because it melts fast. That might not be a great situation if you want to save some for later, but that is a trait of good chocolate.