Sirius Rjomasukkuladi

Noi Sirius

What can I say about this bar other than, it’s fine? I always wrestle with the same problem when I’m given a milk chocolate bar. These bars generally fit into one of three categories, bad, OK, or exceptional. A few bars fit into the bad category, and a very few fits into the exceptional category, most however fit into the OK category. This makes it extremely difficult to review because I don’t really have any complaints, but I’m also not blown away either. This Sirius Rjomasukkuladi bar is the perfect example of this, it’s a fine tasting chocolate bar and that’s about it. Nothing about it is really memorable, but it’s fairly pleasant to eat as well. I imagine that those out there that aren’t chocolate snobs would probably be OK with this bar, however I have to fill space on this review, and I have nothing.

Objectively this bar is smooth and chocolaty. It melts in your mouth and leaves a pleasant feeling through your taste buds and olfactory senses. I’d be very happy to eat another one, but I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything if I don’t. I’ve had many other bars that equal the quality of this bar, so I couldn’t tell you that it’s worth seeking out. At this point I’m just filling space in this review; I have nothing good or bad to say about this bar.

It’s not the most creative bar in the world, except maybe the name, Sirius Rjomasukkuladi, for any non-native Icelandic people. I guess it fills me with hope that nice quality chocolate is something that the whole world is getting into.