Skittles "Cauldron"


Ok Skittles, I know what you're doing. I see how you're trying to pass off a random assortment of fruity Skittles flavours as Halloween themed. While I can't argue that the flavours are tasty, I will argue that the flavours have nothing to do with Halloween. I may even complain a little at the fact that you didn't even attempt to make Halloween flavours. At the end of this review I might suggest a few flavour ideas too.

First things first, these are pretty good Skittles flavours, the worst being the pear and it was still pretty good. As usual the texture of these Skittles is a little dense, but that's pretty standard with Skittles. Whenever I meet someone who loves Skittles my first question is "how do you eat a bunch of them without their jaw feeling sore?" I can never eat too many Skittles without my jaw just cramping up. Fortunately, these Skittles were delivered to me in small sized Halloween portions, so my jaw was fine at the end. While this was a very successful treat, I still can't get over the lack of Halloween flavours.

As promised above, here's a few Halloween flavour ideas that I think would work better than the flavours in this package: Pumpkin or pumpkin spice, it's a trendy flavour that's everywhere, so why not my Skittles. Caramel apple, it even sticks with a fruit theme, and I know Skittles have done apple in the past. Candy corn, I won't say that I wouldn't complain about it if they made candy corn Skittles, but thematically it works. There are three suggestions that would be easy to make, and would represent Halloween a lot better than a blueberry flavoured Skittle.