Skittles "Crazy Core"


I have to be honest about these and tell you that I worry a little. I worry because some combinations of flavours don't always work. I worry because sometimes in treats like these Skittles Crazy Cores, one flavour is stronger than another and one might drown out the other. Most of all I worry because it's very rare that watermelon or even regular melon flavours work well in my pallet, I often find these particular fake flavours to be kind of gross.

Because of the extreme way these flavours are mixed I've decided to review each individually.

Starting with the Mango Peach. It's pretty tasty actually. I get a hint of each of these fruits but honestly mango and peach are very similar in the candy world. Mango has a bit of tartness that I'm not getting out of this, and peach is often sweet. I guess if I had to say it tastes more peach than mango, but either way it's pretty good.

Next Melon Berry. Now in the real fruit world the idea of melon and berries is ok in my book, however in candy form it just doesn't work. The "melon" flavour is that fake melon flavour that I generally dislike, and it's super overpowering. I get a little bit of a sweet kick as I chew from the berry flavour, but it just doesn't cut it. Yuck!

Just to stay in a theme here's Strawberry Watermelon. I'm thankful that in this case the dominant flavour seems to be strawberry. In fact, since I'm not a big fan of most fake watermelon flavours I can safely say I didn't taste any at all. So basically, it tastes fine, but only because it only tastes like strawberry.

Next I’ll try the Blue Raspberry Lemon. In this case the lemon really over powers over the raspberry, however it isn’t really that sour and maybe that's the sweet blueberry flavour. After chewing for a bit, I can maybe taste a little blue raspberry but it's not super strong at all.

Finally, Cherry Lemonade. This one is not only my favourite flavour by a long shot, but it's also the most equal mix I've tasted so far as well. It has a bit of a lemonade flavour at first with just a hint of cherry, but by the end you only really have cherry as an aftertaste. A bag of just these would be super yummy.

All scores will be an average