Skittles "Dips"


I have to be honest, when I first discovered these Skittles Dips I was expecting something totally different. I was expecting these Skittles to be the classic fruit flavours in original Skittles, but with a smooth creamy flavour. I've tried a few classic fruit candies that have come out with a yogurt or cream version, and for the most part they're okay. The problem I have with this idea is that it's been overdone. While I've never tasted a creamy Skittle before, I'm not really super excited about it either. The good thing about these is that they're something very different indeed.

Instead of getting a classic Skittle with a creamy flavour, and likely muted colour, you get a regular Skittle covered in a yogurt/white chocolate. The coating is very similar to the coating you get on yogurt pretzels or raisins. It never occured to me to cover a strong fruity candy with yogurt before, and it surprises me more that it actually works really well. The smooth yogurt coating adds a great creamy flavour that really smooths out the strong fruit flavour. Best of all there's the new texture that's been added. The outside coating melts in your mouth and blends perfectly with the fruity center. It's so good that I even enjoyed the green apple Skittles a bit more than I normally do.

I can't tell you how happy I am with these, and how happy I am that they're nothing like what I expected. I do worry that other candy companies may follow suit with their fruity treats as it might get repetitive and boring very quickly. However, if they do, I can look back at this review and remember what it was like when this candy concept was new and innovative. I say this because if this candy does well, I think we're going to be overrun with yogurt flavoured fruit snacks.