April 2023

Skittles "Giants"


One of the most common go to ideas for candy companies, to make an updated version of a classic candy is to change the size. Sometimes it’s to make their candies bigger, sometimes smaller. In almost all cases I’m surprised at how different the classic candy can be by simply changing the size. The thing is, candy companies actually have to make many choices when they adjust the size of a traditional treat. Do you increase the size of every aspect of the treat, or do you simply add more of one particular ingredient or feature.

In the case of these giant Skittles they seem to just focus on the filling. The shell is pretty much exactly the same thickness as a classic Skittle. Because there’s so much more soft filling, the ratio seems very different and the Skittles feel very soft. However, I could be wrong. There’s a slight chance that the thinner shell is making it feel softer, but they may have also used a softer filling. It’s really hard to tell without a bag of regular Skittles next to me to compare the filling. What this means is that as advertised on the package, these Skittles were really soft. I didn’t mind it at all since the one thing about regular Skittles that gets me is the fact that my jaw starts to hurt pretty quickly when eating them.

Flavour wise they seemed pretty close if not exactly the same as the classic original flavours. I don’t think the size made that big a difference in taste beyond limiting the number of Skittles you can fit in your mouth at once. With the regular sized Skittles you can get a much better variety of flavours in your mouth comfortably, with these it might be a challenge for some to get one of each colour in their mouth at once.

I like the idea of giant Skittles, and if you’re a Skittles fan it might be fun to give these a try. I don’t think it’s the kind of size variation that will last on the shelves forever, but as a novelty, limited time event they’re worth trying.