Skittles "Orchards"


I was a little worried about trying these new(?) Skittles. I find myself being disappointed with candies themed to orchards most of the time, it's likely due to my dislike of most apple flavoured candies. Without getting into too much detail right off the bat, I was not disappointed with these at all. In fact, I found myself searching out a second bag of them to just enjoy later on, without having to write a review. I do have one problem with the flavour choice, but it's a minor one.

First of all, the good, and there's a lot of good to go on. The highlight of these candies is the flavours. Each and every one of them is great, even the apple. I don't often say this but I actually enjoyed the apple flavour, both on its own and with the other flavours. The other four flavours were also great, but I especially liked the cherry. It was a little difficult at first to tell the apple and cherry ones apart, since they're both red, but once you see them next to each other, it's not so hard. The texture is what you'd expect from Skittles, not super soft, but still chewy. After a giant bag of these my jaw would likely be sore, but fortunately I only had small bags of these to enjoy.

My only problem comes from the definition of "orchard". Peach, apple and cherry are certainly orchard fruits, but I'm not so sure about orange and limes. I thought that limes and oranges grew in groves, or is that a kind of orchard? Either way when I think orchard I think of more northern fruits, not really the southern ones. While this is a small technical problem I have, it could also be because of where I grew up.

These are surprisingly good, I hope that more people try them, and that they stick around.