Skittles "Bubble Gum"


This has got to be one of the strangest candy variations in history. I’ve seen candies that add strange flavour, or candies that are mixed with odd ingredients. It’s not that common that you see a candy that’s been turned into a bubble gum. Not only is the very concept of this variation a little strange, but it works. I cracked open this package and it looked like regular Skittles. I bit into them and I thought, Skittles. Then instead of getting that gritty, hard to chew candy that I love so much, I got gum.

The great thing is that the gum keeps its Skittles flavour. It's like they kept the Skittles and just added a gum-like finish. The few times I’ve tasted candies that’s crossed over to another kind of candy categories, they ended up tasting fairly different than the original. That isn’t the case with these at all, the flavour is almost exactly the same.

Now I have to think, do I like these more than regular Skittles? I'm not too sure about that. I mean they have all the flavour advantages of the regular Skittles; my jaw doesn't hurt, they flavour lasts longer, and you can blow bubbles.

It’s hard to say that I don't want to say I like it more, maybe I can say that these Skittles Bubble Gum pieces are just different.

Chew Time 23:40