Skittles "Original"


So, this is what a rainbow taste like. If you’re reading this review in the far future, it’s possible that you don’t remember that Skittles longest running tag line was “Taste the rainbow”. The thing that surprised me about this review is the fact that it's taken me this long to actually review regular Skittles. I've been a fan of Skittles since I was a kid and they still taste great. Most of all I'm just happy that the yellow ones aren't banana flavoured, and the green aren't apple. Although having both a lemon and lime flavour may seem a bit repetitive, it seems to work.

The flavour of these is what one might call super strong. The minute you bite into your first handful of candy, you basically announce to the whole world that you're eating a bag of Skittles. That or a fake fruit basket may have exploded. The flavour and smell that comes off these candies as you eat them is just so powerful. I also like the fact that each colour does have a really strong distinct flavour. Many fruity snacks neglect this simple idea and really that can just ruin a treat for me.

The only fault I really have with these is the texture. I can never eat a whole bag without my jaw screaming in pain. That's really where they're nothing like real fruit at all. Real fruit is nice to the jaw and often kind of soft. These Skittles on the other hand might cost you some time with an ice pack on your jaw.

The thing is Skittles taste pretty good, so a sore jaw is worth it. I mean I guess you could just stop eating them before your jaw gets sore, but who could do that?