I've never thought of it before, but slugs as gummies makes a whole lot of sense. Gummies are one of the most versatile candy treats I can think of, you can get them in almost every flavour, colour, and shape. The thing is, often the shape, colour and flavour don't really make sense with the soft slimy consistency that gummies offer. I somehow doubt that a zebra or alligator has a gummy consistency, and I've eaten gummy versions of both.

The cool thing about these Sluggles is you can kind of picture slugs as having a gummy consistency. Sure, they're probably not fruit flavoured, but slug flavoured gummies wouldn't go over well compared with fruit flavoured gummies. When I bite into one of these little creatures, it's as if reality took a little detour and make slugs fruity. Texture wise it really feels like I’m biting into a slug, and for once it’s kind of a good thing.

Not only is the texture authentic to the slugs, but the fruity flavour of these particular Sluggles is really strong and really tasty. Each colour has a nice different fruity flavour, and what more could you ask for from a little sluggy buddy.