What can be said about this neat little treat, I’ll tell you what can be said, a lot. Smarties are a classic that tastes great and is fun to eat. Although each color tastes exactly the same, the chocolate is great and the colors make them really fun. There’s something magical about looking at a hand full of Smarties (or even a whole bowl full of Smarties), that just makes me so happy. They’re not only a great treat to eat, but they’re also a great tool to decorate cakes or ice cream sundaes.

The first thing most of you might be saying is that these are just M&M’s rip offs. While I’m not sure about the history of coating chocolate in a colourful candy coating, I can tell you that these candies are very different. The first difference is the candy coating itself. The coating on Smarties is a much thinner coating of candy. This allows them to melt in your mouth much easier, and doesn’t require any crunching. This may not be great for holding them for long periods, but I don’t think there’s a competition about whose candy can be held in a hand longer.

The second great thing about Smarties is the chocolate inside. The milk chocolate in an M&M just doesn’t seem as smooth as the chocolate you find in a Smartie. Because of the thin shell and smoother chocolate, I find that Smarties are just much more pleasant to eat. They seem to melt much quicker than M&Ms and that feels great when you put a bunch of them in your mouth. Another little tip with Smarties is to try to warm them up a little, it makes them a little messy but a little better.

Finally, the colours in Smarties just seems a little less bright than M&Ms and I like this. Not to mention that Smarties have purple candies, and I really like the colour purple.