Smarties "Peanut"


For many years now I've thought of Smarties as being above M&Ms, I find the chocolate is higher quality, I like the colours more, I just seem to enjoy them more. I've also thought they had guts just sticking to what they know best, the basic formula of chocolate covered in a candy shell, no frills needed. Even when M&Ms started to branch out with Almonds and all kinds of other combination, Smarties seemed to stick with what worked, the classic combination of candy shell and chocolate. Well those days are no more, now Nestle is pushing Smarties to new places; I just hope that the high quality I expect from Smarties sticks.

Right off the bat I have to say that those are some little peanuts. The first things I noticed when I opened the box was that the treats weren’t that big, I figured that there was probably not much chocolate coating the peanuts. Then I bit into one and realised that they're loaded with chocolate, and it's just a really small peanut in the middle. I'm not sure if it's the variety of peanut or just the small amount of peanut in each candy, but I found that the peanut flavour really could have been stronger. The peanut does affect the flavour of the chocolate in a good way, but Smarties Peanut just needs to be a little more peanuty.

I can't say it's a disappointment on the whole. I just find they're not at the same quality level as the basic Smarties. Maybe in time they’ll improve these but for now they just can’t compare with the classic.