Chamallows "Smurf"


What could possibly be cuter than munching on a cute little blue Smurf? For those unfamiliar with the Smurf's lore, the basic concept is that they're a large group of little blue creatures that live in the forest. Their enemy is a man named Gargamel whose only goal is to eat them. So, by enjoying a bag of marshmallow Smurfs, you're pretty much taking on the role of the villain. More importantly you're taking on the role of the villain who's conquered the happy Smurfs, something that never happened on the show or in the books.

If these marshmallows are any lesson about what happens when you eat a Smurf, there are a few things I've learned. First of all, Smurfs don't have any bones, they're soft, squishy, and melt in your mouth. Secondly, Smurfs are sweet, but pretty tasteless. I do detect a slight hint of vanilla, but it's so weak that within seconds it disappears. Finally, I've learned that Smurf pants and Smurf hats pretty much taste exactly the same as the Smurfs themselves.

If you give this treat too much thought, it's a little disgusting and strange, however technically, as a candy it's pretty amazing. The extrusion idea is pretty neat, and while some of the marshmallows came out deformed, many where very recognizable as Smurfs. Seeing these little guys in the bag is what attracted me to them, eating them on the other hand is what caused me to leave most of them un-eaten. It's a clever, and strange idea, but a little extra flavour could have made them much better.