Snack Sandwich


Why have I never heard of this bar before? I don't think I've ever seen a billboard, magazine advertisement, or commercial of any kind for this bar. Even the place where I bought this bar didn't promote it at all. They were just sitting in their little display box next to the cash register, no signs or any kind of promotion. I say all of this because not knowing about this bar is a tragedy.

This bar is a great example of where Cadbury gets things right. With a few exceptions, I've always said that Cadbury's strength is in simple bars. The reason they make simple work is because they do it right, and this bar is doing it all right. The milk chocolate coating is smooth and creamy; also, it's the perfect thickness. Enough chocolate to sink your teeth into, not just a thin coating, and it balances perfectly with the taste and texture of the cookies in the middle. Speaking of the cookies, this is where the bar gets the "Sandwich" part of its name. You get two rich and buttery shortbread cookies with a smooth chocolate cream in the centre.

I really can't say enough about this bar. The only flaw I could dig up is that it's not very original. Chocolate-coated shortbread cookie sandwiches aren't a new idea. The thing is this is done so well that it doesn't matter that it's not original. Why this treat is not one of Cadbury's crown jewel treats is surprising to me. I'll just have to take that job on myself and implore you to try one of these bars.