Snack Jack "Green Pea Snack"


I would say that out of a score from one to five, five being that these look exactly like real peas one that they look like Styrofoam, on looks alone, I would rank these at about zero point two. The only similarities in looks these have to real peas is that they're green and long, but so are pickles and they have no similarities to peas either. Texture wise they get a flat out zero when you compare them to real peas, but that's probably a good thing since a bag of mushy salty snacks isn't really that appetizing.

Even though these Snack Jack Green Pea Snacks rank very low on the comparability charts next to real peas as far as looks and texture, taste wise they do much better. At first when I ate a few of these I really didn't taste anything at all. It felt like I was just eating slightly salty green sticks, but after a few seconds a pea flavour started to creep up. After a few more, the pea flavour got a little stronger. Best of all the pea flavour is very similar to real peas. I'd never thought of the difference between other green vegetables and peas before, particularly comparing beans and peas. These Snack Jacks have created a flavour that is distinctly pea.

They may not look or feel like peas, but they really kind of taste like them. I can’t really complain about the inconsistencies considering the parts where they miss the mark are probably better left missed.