Snickers "Adult Bitter"


It’s not often that I praise a simple variation of a classic candy bar. I was ready to lambaste this bar because I figured that it either did nothing to improve the original, or because it was so different than the original that you could no longer call it a Snickers bar. These are both common complaints that I often have about variations of classic candy bars. The minute I bit into the bar I realised that my preconceived notions of this bar were completely wrong. The difference in this bar is very minimal, they made the milk chocolate into a dark chocolate. Sure, it’s not the most creative change in the world, in fact it might be the least creative change any candy company can make to a milk chocolate candy bar, but it works really well in this case.

For some reason I can’t help but enjoy this bar, and I think this bar is equal to the original. I don’t think it’s better, but it is a different version of the bar that tastes equally as good as the original. The bitter dark chocolate is such a nice contrast to the super sweet caramel and nougat filling. The nuts also work really well with the nutty bitter chocolate. There’s a certain balance in this bar that makes it work really well. There were so many opportunities for this bar to fail, but it didn’t. It seems like someone at Mars is paying attention to detail and they used the perfect dark chocolate to blend with these ingredients.

I’ve never felt this way about a variation of a popular candy bar before. Rarely the variation is better than the original, most of the time it doesn’t hold up. This is a very rare occasion where I would say that the variation is perfectly aligned with the original. I would be just as happy eating this bar as I would eating a regular Snickers bar. This bar manages all of this, while still representing a Snickers bar perfectly.

If you don’t eat a lot of candy, you might not appreciate this bar as much as I do. If you’re a candy fanatic, I highly recommend getting this bar so you can experience this odd feeling that I’m having right now.