Snickers "& Hazelnut"


I would describe this Snickers bar as different. It’s not different in a way that it’s unique and out of the box. It’s different in that if you compared it to a regular Snickers bar it’s not exactly the same. This shouldn’t be surprising as they’ve taken out the peanuts you normally find in a Snickers bar and replaced them with hazelnuts. You might think that such a change would radically change the Snickers bar, but strangely it didn’t.

I’m not saying that there isn’t any difference between the original peanuts in the Snickers bar and the hazelnut version, I’m just saying that the difference wasn’t as severe as I was expecting. The biggest difference is in the flavour, as you certainly get a taste of hazelnut with each bite. It’s not a powerful taste of hazelnut since the other ingredients play a big part in the Snickers bar flavour and tamper down the hazelnut flavour. The texture really didn’t change much at all, I think on texture alone you’d have a hard time telling the difference between the hazelnut or regular peanut version of a Snickers bar.

With this subtle change, I found myself being kind of disappointed with this Snickers bar. I think I was expecting something more with the hazelnuts, particularly with the texture. Hazelnuts have a really great snappy texture that I love, and it really didn’t come across in this bar at all. The flavour while different also wasn’t such a huge difference that I felt like it was that big a change from the original. Maybe I’m being picky, but I just expect something a little bit more out of this bar.