Snickers "Max Caramel"


What would you expect from a bar called "Max Caramel"? First off, you'd expect more caramel, in fact you'd probably expect as much caramel as was humanly possible. Since it's a Snickers bar, you'd at the very least expect as much caramel as possible, while still keeping the Snickers theme. Unfortunately, this bar didn't achieve either of these goals. I've eaten bars with much more caramel, and I don't think you could really call this bar a Snickers bar anymore either.

The difference between this bar, and a Snickers bar is that they've completely eliminated the nougat. While they have replaced this nougat with caramel, they've also added a lot more nuts to the mix. The caramel also seems to be a different consistency than the caramel in the normal Snickers bar. It's much denser and chewier, for those Canadians out there; it's very similar to an Eat More bar. The chocolate is pretty much the same, and the quality of the peanuts is the same, although you get a lot more of the peanuts in each bar.

This bar is attempting to capitalize on the popularity of the Snickers bar, but falls far short on the quality. One of the great things about Snickers bars is the perfect balance of ingredients. I think you could have made a Snickers bar with more caramel, but I think eliminating the nougat turns this into something other than a Snickers bar. I also think you could have made a wonderful caramel bar, but in an attempt to keep the Snickers nuts, they've fallen short here as well.