Snickers "Oats"


I don’t know what I was expecting with this bar, however the idea of this bar intrigued me when I saw it on the store shelf. Oats has come up several times in conversations when I talk to people about new varieties of chocolate bars, but until I discovered this bar, it was something you don't really see in real life. When I saw the words "oats" on this Snickers bar I didn't really think about how they might use them, I was just so happy to finally see a bar that was using oats as a theme ingredient. I have to be honest, while I like the idea of an oat candy bar, I don't think this particular bar really worked.

The bar uses oats as a replacement for peanuts. For those that aren't familiar with the classic Snickers bar (I'd be fascinated if anybody reading a blog about candy has never tried a Snickers bar), Snickers is caramel on top of nougat that's normally got peanuts in it, then the whole bar is covered in chocolate. It's a classic bar that's been around for a while, and it really has a great balance of ingredients. Substituting the peanuts for the oats in this particular bar is where things went wrong. They seem to have just replaces the peanuts with oats, not taking into account that peanuts have a very different texture and flavour than oats. Basically, the oats added a slight texture different, but flavour wise were almost non-existent.

The texture was a little chewier than the regular Snickers bar, and the crunch of the peanuts was very missed. I think for this bar to work it would be better to use granola, or some other toasted cereal instead. Oats are too soft and the flavour is too subtle to really work with the powerful ingredients used in a Snickers bar. This bar wasn't bad, and I really appreciate the effort, but it needs a little work.