What the heck did I just bite into. I mean I know what I bit into technically, it’s a strange candy from Australia called a Snifter. I guess you can't complain when you don't really understand the name of a treat, I mean what is a Snifter anyways? It's not that I can't pronounce the name, I just can't explain it. Maybe its some kind of Australian slang, something that I’d only be able to understand if I watch all of the Crocodile Dundee movies back to back.

I bit into this treat expecting a smooth chocolate mint treat and although the chocolate was correct, the mint "nougat" in the middle was actually kind of crunchy. Although I didn’t know what to really expect, I can tell you that I really didn’t expect a crunch nougat. I took my first bite and it took a few minutes to get up the nerve to take a second bite. It’s kind of a weird texture.

The flavour, although minty, was a little strange as well, and it also left a strange aftertaste. I would say that the main flavour was mint, but there’s something else going on here as well. The chocolate was a nice quality, and that’s never bad. I just can’t get over the green coating it’s really too strange to explain. It's not as if these Snifters were that bad, I would just describe them as strange.