January 2024




Pretzel Pieces "Buttermilk Ranch"

Snyder’s of Hanover

I want to start this review by looking at the general design of this snack. I’ve never had a bag of Pretzel Pieces before, and at first it doesn’t make much sense. The picture on the bag doesn’t really show the fact that what you get is a bag of broken pretzels. The pretzels are larger than most pretzels you get in snack bags, something closer to a soft pretzel size but maybe a little smaller. These broken bits of pretzels are however crunchy like like the bagged pretzels you find in most stores. At first it feels like you’re being ripped off and sold some kind of defective product marketed as something new and improved.

The thing is, the fact that these giant crunchy pretzels have been broken up is a great improvement. There are several things about the fact that these are broken that makes this snack work better than if it wasn’t. One thing that comes to mind is the simplicity of eating these pretzel pieces. I feel like a giant pretzel covered in ranch flavouring would be very difficult to eat, and in a matter of bites would likely turn into pretzel pieces anyways. The second, and I feel most important advantage is in the flavour coverage. In having smaller pieces you have more area that you can cover in the ranch coating, so you get more ranch flavour. I also feel like the flavouring sticks a little better to the texture of the interior of the pretzel than the slick exterior.

This leads me to the flavour of these Pretzel Pieces. I feel like if these were just pretzel pieces with no additional flavour, I’d be writing a very negative review. The fact that these are covered in a bold and tasty coating makes these a delight to eat. I will warn you that you have to be a garlic fan to really enjoy these, but I am, so I was pretty happy. I’m not sure how the fact that this is a “buttermilk” ranch makes a difference, but I can’t complain since I really enjoyed the flavour.

These are not a subtly flavoured snack, nor do they look very good. I feel like these might not work as a treat to put out at a party, as some guests might not like the bold flavour and others would think it weird that you have a bowl of broken pretzels. I do however think this makes for a fine snack to much on while watching movies at home, or might even work well on a road trip, assuming anyone else in the car doesn’t mind intense garlic flavours.