January 2024










Suppai Lemon Gum


The thing that makes this gum great is also the thing that ruins it. The package implies that this should be a really sour piece of chewing gum, and it is. It also implies that it should taste like lemon, and it does. These are two flavour combinations that work very well together as lemons are naturally very sour, so it’s a flavour we expect. Most often with lemon candies, even the ones that claim to be sour, the sourness doesn’t really deliver anything close to what you might get with a real wedge of lemon. Sour candies also have a very good reputation of having extreme package (like this one) and not delivering on the extreme flavour. This gum does none of these things, it delivers a fine lemon flavour, and it very much so delivers on the sour flavour.

Here’s the thing, the sour lemon is fantastic, it’s so sour that after a few chews you might consider giving up. It’s not a comfortable sour, it’s very extreme. The lemon flavour while not as extreme as the sour, actually holds up. Even when this gum is at its most sour, you can still taste the lemon. The problem I have with this gum is that after the sour goes away, the gum has nothing else to give. There’s a slight hint of lemon, but it goes from painful sour to drab fairly quickly. I don’t think this gum promises to give you anything but sour lemon, however just super sour is a lot to take from a gum. Gum sits in your mouth for a while, and if it was just sour all the time, you’d most certainly have to spit it out. Many sour gums go from sour to sweet, and the sweet flavour offers something closer to a lemonade, or changes flavour all together.

This gum is just an intense sour lemon (as promised), but after a few minutes it goes away and all you’re left with is a hint of lemon. Sure I don’t want sour all the time, but I want a gum that I can chew or a while too.

I would say that this is a gum you should try, but only if you’re into extreme flavours. You should know that the sour never turns to sweet, it just goes away. While I’m happy it went away, I just wish there was something else, although I guess I got what was advertised.