December 2021

Sour Patch Kids "Black Raspberry Coal"


First of all I want to say that these are really tasty gummy candies. In fact I feel like black raspberry might be the most underrated and underused flavour of gummy out there right now. I can’t believe that people are debating about sour apple versus lime or any argument about watermelon when such a great flavour of gummy is out there and not a regular staple. Simply put, I want more black raspberry gummies and I’d be happy if the folks at Sour Patch Kids were the ones to make them.

Texture wise I was also very happy with these little lumps. They were nice and chewy, but not so chewy that I would require jaw surgery after finishing this box. Just as a note, I finished the whole box in one sitting. The soft text and small size of the candies made them very simple and comfortable to eat.

While I did certainly enjoy these little nuggets, I did have a few slight issues with them. The first is the lack of sour. They claim to be “sour then sweet”, but frankly the sour was barely a hint of tart. Fortunately as mentioned above, the wonderful black raspberry flavour made up for this. The second issue I had was about the shape of these little nubs. I’ve always believed that you can make just about any shape in the world into a gummy, but I think I may have found the limit. If this is any indication, you can’t make a rock shape out of gummies. These were by no means coal shaped at all. I would describe them as a drop or blob, not a rock or nugget.

While the flavour and texture of these is superb, I really feel like the theme didn’t work at all. I’ve seen some amazing things done with the look of candy, and this just didn’t do anything of the sort. I’d get these again because they taste so good, but I’d be happier if they were a different shape.