Sour Patch Kids "Tricksters"


These Sour Patch Kids are a gimmick, but they're a gimmick that really works. There are little details about these gummies that I think make them better than the original, and that's very rare for a gimmick candy, in fact it might be first time ever. The basic premise is that these are Sour Patch Kids with possibly the wrong flavours. They could have gone really lazy with these and simply switched the flavours around, like making the red ones lemon, the blue ones orange etc. The thing is it's not that simple, any one of these gummies could have any flavour, they might even be normal and the colour could correspond to the appropriate flavour. You really don't know what flavour you're getting until you bite into them.

The package makes it even more fascinating because they don't list any of the flavours on the back. Basically, you get a bag of gummies whose flavours don't match to their colours (or do they), and even then, you don't get a list of the flavours available on the package. This means you're often eating a gummy with no clear idea as to what flavour you're eating. I can't tell you why, but I really enjoyed this. I think it's because it made me think about the flavour of each gummy I was eating, and this made the flavours stick out more in my mind.

There was one really strange thing about these gummies that I don't understand, and that's the lack of green Sour Patch Kids. Maybe some of them tasted like the green Sour Patch Kids, but I didn't get a single one in my bag. They're also noticeably absent from the package. I'm not sure why they chose to do this, but it was a little strange.