Sour Punch Bits "Strawberry-Watermelon"

American Licorice Company

I’m not 100% sure but I think this candy might be trying to threaten me. I’m not sure who thought that having the word “punch” in the name of your candy would be a good thing. I get the feeling when I read the name of this treat that my mouth might get assaulted. To some this might be a good thing, but others might not want to do damage to their mouths while eating a candy.

These cute little round nubbins are kind of sour; I mean I’ve had sourer candies in my lifetime; actually, I’ve had much sourer candies in my lifetime. I would say that the word “punch” isn’t a good way to describe the sour affect of these little treats. Maybe it could be better described as a sour nudge of at most light sour push.

The fruity flavour of these Sour Punch Bits is kind of lost as well. It’s funny but they’re not really sour, however the fruity taste is so weak that the slightly sour flavour over powers it a little. I can kind of taste the watermelon, but the strawberry flavour isn’t there at all. When I eat the strawberry candies, I can taste something other than the watermelon but it doesn’t really taste like strawberry. These Sour Punch Bits are also really sticky. The whole bag of them stuck together in one big clump, and when I eat them they stick to my teeth. It’s not really a bad thing I guess, I just find myself picking bits off my teeth for a while after, and that doesn’t look too cool.

I think the biggest problem with Sour Punch Bits is they’re not really that sour. I also think calling them Strawberry – Watermelon is a bit of a stretch too.