Spaghett Gum


I think the first problem I had when I tried this gum was boiling it in water, but after adding the tomato sauce everything was great. I’m just kidding, I did not boil this gum and cover it in pasta sauce. Although, it might be interesting to try that sometime. I wonder if you can cook gum, or what might happen if you do? I also wonder if you can improve gum by adding a sauce? This might be a future project worth trying. I guess it makes sense to name a candy with a similar shape as a famous pasta with the same name as that pasta, or is it a little too confusing?

The flavour of this gum falls into a mystery category for me. I’ve always wanted to know what flavor is tutti frutti? Is there a tutti tree somewhere that makes this magical fruit that kind of tastes like a bunch of fruit mixed together? Even if I don't know what flavour tutti frutti is supposed to be, I think it tastes good. Like many other types of gums its simple and loaded with sugar, and this works well with the flavour. While it’s a fine gum, the selling point is definitely the fun spaghetti shape.

The flavor, although really strong at first, tends to dissipate quickly leaving you all of a sudden chewing a big piece of rubber. Sugary, Frutti but other than the spaghetti theme, it’s really not that unique.

Chew Time 11:08