Sperlari "Caramella Al Caffe Lavazza"


I've made a horrible mistake. I didn't read this candy’s package very well, and also didn't notice the graphics on the package. I thought I was getting some kind of mysterious candy, but there was no mystery this is just a coffee flavoured candy. This is a mistake because I generally do not like coffee flavoured anything, let alone a hard candy that you have to suck on for a long time. I hate coffee so much that I’m convinced that no one actually likes the flavour of coffee. I’m convinced that there are many people out there who are addicted to the caffeine that coffee provides, but objectively no one likes the flavour.

So, as you can imagine, I did not like the flavour of this candy at all. The thing is, you might be okay with these if you're one of those people who's convinced themselves that they actually like the flavour of coffee (even thought I’m sure it’s impossible). The only reason a coffee lover would not enjoy this candy is if they don't like sugar in your coffee, because this candy is also really sweet. In addition, for you coffee lovers (and this was not a feature I enjoyed), is that the center of this candy has a soft center. This gives you a burst of extra coffee flavour at the end, which actually made me wince a little.

This is not a fancy candy by any stretch of the imagination, it simply gives you a nice mouthful of really sweet coffee. If you're crazy enough to like the taste of coffee, you'll absolutely love these, but frankly I think you’re in denial and probably will regret the lack of caffeine in these candies.