Spicy Chili Ginger Hearts


In the past I've complained about the lack of creative flavours in the gummy world, and I think rightfully so. For the most part, no matter what the shape, gummies only really come in fruity flavours. It's a little absurd that this type of treat could notionally take on any shape, yet why can’t they be a little bit creative with their flavours. The folks that make these hearts have taken a step in the right direction.

They've taken a flavour that would work obviously with gummies, ginger, and mixed it with a flavour that you may have never thought to pair up with gummies, chili peppers. What you get is a flavour of gummy that's unlike anything else, and for wimps like me, a slight abuse to the taste buds. Don't get me wrong, I think these gummies work really well, unfortunately I'm a bid of a wuss when it comes to hot treats, so I did suffer a little.

The great thing about these hearts is not just the burning from the chilies, but also the fact that you can taste the chilies. Most candies either go to cinnamon for their heat, or they just get hot for no particular reason, but not these. Instead you can actually taste chili in every bite, and that flavour goes really well with the ginger. The flavour balance is great; the flavours unique, and the gummy texture is even really nice and soft.

While I can't say I actually enjoyed the heat off of these candies (because I don't like hot food), I really liked the flavour, and I think people that do enjoy hot foods will really get a kick out of these.