Spud Nuts


Here is a new type of entry in our candy extravaganza, a nice salty treat that’s really unique. You might be asking what a salty snack doing on our Candy Critic list. Well salty snacks still fit in as candy if you ask me, and hey this is my site and I'll do what I want. If you have a problem with unique and fun salty snacks being featured on a website called Candy Critic, then go make your own candy review site and be sure to exclude them.

As for this treat itself, it’s really unique enough that I think it deserves to be on this site. If regular salted peanuts aren't enough for you, then not only are you crazy but you have an answer with these Spud Nuts. They take regular salted peanuts and add an interesting twist that really makes them really fun to eat.

These Spud Nuts not only add a new flavour variation but also a great new crunch. Its as if chips and peanuts had children. What you get with these Spud Nuts is a crunchy roasted peanut, covered in a crunchy potato chip like shell. The two flavours work really well together, and the textures are different enough to give you an interesting contrast.

These Spud Nuts really have a great blend and a great texture. Try them if you're up for something a little different and something a little salty.