Spudz Stix "Ranch"


This snack seems pretty harmless at first, but one read of the package and I was filled with a little sense of mystery. First of all, they call them popped potato sticks. I wasn’t aware you could pop a potato before today. I was familiar with popped corn, but a potato doesn’t really resemble corn in any way. I’m no scientist, but I don’t think the basic makeup is at all the same. I was going to attempt to pop a potato in a popcorn air popper and see what happens but I felt that might be a bad idea.

The other thing that threw me off a little is the ranch flavour. Now I don’t want to pick on this one treat because as far as ranch goes it wasn’t bad. What I want to know is where does the “ranch” flavour come from? I’ve been to a couple of ranches, and nothing at these ranches reminds me of cream and herbs.

After opening up this bag-o-mystery, I came across what seemed like ranch flavoured cheezie. I can’t really make out any kind of potato flavour, but they still tasted ok. I don’t think I could go through a whole big bag of these, but this snack size bag did me fine. I just don’t think they have yet made a potato snack that has improved upon the potato chip, and this is an example of a bit of a failure.

To everyone out there trying to improve on the potato chip, keep trying, but I’m not sure it can be done.