Squidgy Speak

Roowntree's Randoms

I have three criteria with which I rate candy taste, texture, and novelty. Some candies try to cover all three of these categories, but few ever achieve a high score in all three. Other candies seem to focus on one or two of these categories instead; this is often successful but rarely creates a balanced treat. The Squidgy Speaks are pretty much going for one category and one category only, novelty. Sure, these gummies are fine, but the flavours aren't that exceptional and the texture is simply OK.

The novelty is different and unique, but it also doesn't make much sense. In fact, this might be one of the most nonsensical candies I've ever eaten. Basically, what you get is a bag of completely random words. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to any of the words in my bag of Squidgy Speaks either. The random words do entertain at first, but after a while you just stop caring about which words you pull out of the bag and you just eat them. So, the one focus of this treat really seems to wane in a mater of minutes.

I also attempted to make obscene sentences, particularly after finding the word sheep several times, but most of my obscene sentences were grammatical horrible and slightly nonsensical. It's a new idea for sure, but it would be a little better if the words had some kind of connection.