January 2023

Squish "Honey Maracuja"


These gummies were a gift from a friend. My friend sent me a gift certificate from Squish because he’s addicted to these gummies himself. I’d tried Squish candies a few times, but I don’t think I’d actually purchased anything from them before. When I get gift cards from friends, I use it as an opportunity to challenge my taste buds a bit, and I often pick out flavours that I’ve never heard of or that I think might be interesting. When I told my friend that I got these Honey Maracuja gummies, he suggested that they’re really good.

So this candy was given a bit of a challenge, it was hyped by my friend so my expectations were high. I feel as though I could have raised the expectations even higher and this candy would have still done very well. I told my friends that I did not taste these gummies because I devoured them instead. There is very little I can say about these gummies in a negative light, maybe even nothing. The texture is fantastic, the name “Squish” is very appropriate as these gummies are really a cross between a traditional gummy and a jelly. The feeling of sinking your teeth into them is so satisfying.

The flavour however is where this candy truly shines. I would have never thought of mixing honey with passion fruit, but it totally works. Best of all they’ve balanced these two flavours so perfectly so that you can taste both at the same time. The honey provides a really nice rustic sweetness to these, while the passion fruit ads a really great sourness. The balance is so perfect that I just can’t find any fault in the flavour at all.

This flavour really delivered everything I was expecting and more. A simple honey flavoured gummy would have been nice, but adding the tart fruity flavour of the passion fruit made it unique and balanced. I’m not one hundred percent sure that everyone in the world will like these gummies because they’re a little different, but any gummy enthusiast will love them.