January 2023

Squish "Red Roses"


When I picked out these gummies I set my expectation way too high on the creative side. I had two scenarios that I truly wished would happen, both were completely unrealistic, but I still believe both ideas would work really well as a gummy. The first idea was that they would actually be flavoured with rose water. Maybe not entirely just rose water, but maybe a fruity flavour with a slight rose water addition. The second idea I thought would be really nice is a Red Rose tea flavour. These gummies are after all made in Canada where Red Rose tea is very popular.

Needless to say I did not get either one of those wishes, but I wasn’t disappointed with these gummies either. Flavour wise I’m not sure if I could pin these down to anything except to say that they’re fruity, possibly on the berry side. It was not a bad fruity flavour, or even that fake a fruity flavour, it just seemed appropriate to red but also hard to identify. The texture was that of an above average gummy candy. I wouldn’t say it’s the finest gummy candy I’ve ever chewed, but it was very pleasurable.

Where these gummies do really well is in how they look. The shape is very nice indeed, with a fair amount of detail for a gummy candy. Each rose looked like a rose and I feel would look very elegant in any tea room. The colour was spectacular, mostly because each rose seemed to have its own colour scheme. Some where lighter than others, some seemed to be transitioning between the dark red and the white. Each was unique and it once again made these seem very fancy for a gummy candy.

I feel like the folks at Squish could probably make a very good tea or rose flavoured gummy candy, but I understand and am happy enough that they went for a very nice fruity flavour instead. Visually I was very happy with all of these gummy roses, and I think they would make a wonderful gift for the one you love.