January 2023

Squish "Tarantula"


I’m going to start this review talking about the best feature of this gummy candy. Keep in mind that the worst part of this gummy is above average. The best thing about this gummy is the shapes. The design of these tarantulas is both fun but also a little creepy. There’s suggestions of hairs and all the things that make spiders and tarantulas creepy, but they also have cute little faces. The other amazing feature of the design of these tarantulas is that they’re not all the same. While they’re not all different either, there are a few different designs and you never know which colour will come with which design. The main difference in the designs is in abdomen some having markings while others having fur.

As I said above, while the design of these tarantulas is amazing, the texture and flavour of these fun little bugs is fine too. Texture wise I would rank these as slightly above average for a gummy candy. There’s nothing exceptional about the texture, but it’s squishy and pleasant enough. The flavour is probably the most disappointing in that each and every one of these tarantulas tastes exactly the same. It would have been great to have a bit of a surprise when I bit into each squishy bug. The flavour is however a pleasant generic fruity flavour, but it’s nothing very unique from other gummies I’ve tasted.

The reason I’d suggest buying these tarantula gummies is to use as edible decorations for Halloween (or any other creepy themed event). They look fantastic and taste good enough that any gummy fan will most certainly enjoy them.