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Ssuper "Vanilla Flavoured Milk Chocolate"


Taste: .5

Texture: 1

Novelty: 1.5

All scores out of 5

If you take the name of this bar literally it's a bit of a hint about what to expect. "Vanilla Flavoured Milk Chocolate" is exactly what you get, it's vanilla with no hint of chocolate flavour at all. It makes me wonder why they would even colour it brown, or why they don't just call it vanilla chocolate. It's a little disappointing because vanilla and chocolate work really well together, so there's no reason one flavor should dominate.

What makes this bar even more disappointing isn’t just the fact that the chocolate flavour is nowhere to be found, it’s also that all of the other flavours are pretty bad. When you first bite into this bar you get about two seconds of no flavour at all. Then you're assaulted with a strong fairly cheap vanilla flavour. Gradually that changes into a musty almost mouldy flavour. So this bar starts weakly and ends horribly.

Even the texture is pretty bad. It does melt in your mouth eventually, but that's after several seconds well into the extreme vanilla flavour. The only things I can say that I like about this bar is that it looks good, and the size is nice. That’s obviously not enough to make this bar worth seeking out.