Baby Star Cup Snack Noodle "Yakisoba Flavour"

Four Seas Mercantiel

I might have a bias when it comes to this snack. My bias comes from the fact that occasionally I like to chew on uncooked pasta. I've even been known to chew on dry ramen now and again. When I was a kid, I would eat lots of dry pasta, but as I've gotten older it's now just an occasional snack. It happens mostly when I'm making noodles for a meal, I'll find myself grabbing a few of the noodles before I put them in the pot to enjoy a good crunch. I say this because these are basically little round pucks of hard uncooked ramen noodles with some kind of seasoning.

The seasoning is probably the biggest mystery to me (I've solved it), it's like a sweet soy sauce. There are about a million different sauces in Japanese cooking, so I'm not sure exactly which this one is (turns out it's yakisoba), but if I had to compare it to one most people know, I'd say it's like a sweet teriyaki sauce (nope). The pucks are completely filled with this flavor all the way through, not just on the outside, which is a nice touch.

The texture of the pucks is fairly dense, but not too hard. You can crunch through these very easily, but your mouth still feels rewarded. In general, from someone who likes this sort of thing, I would say it's satisfying but not too challenging.

(Note, with some translation help, I learned that these are "yakisoba" flavoured. Not that this affects my review that much since I probably couldn't pick out a yakisoba out of a lineup anyway.)