Starburst Gummies "Original"


There are really only two reasons you'd buy these Starburst Gummies. One might be that you're curious and you want to give them a try, like me. The second is that you love the flavor of classic Starburst, but you really hate the texture. Maybe you've had some kind of jaw injury, and you find the taffy texture of the classic Starburst to be too chewy/painful to endure. If you fit into either one of these categories, then I can't recommend these enough, and if you fit into the latter, I hope your jaw gets better soon.

It's not that these fruity gummy cubes are bad, I just don't really understand why they're needed. They fit the description perfectly, but I don't know if this is something that the world really needs. There are other tasty gummies out there that taste pretty similar to these, and they come in much more interesting shapes. Which leads me to the biggest problem with these, the shape.

I think the shape of these is the only part of this candy to completely fail. The design is really boring, just simple squares with a weird tear drop and an "S" embedded on it. Worst of all, most of them are really deformed. Each was fairly wonky, and I don't think any made a perfect square at all. I think the solution is to ditch the square shape and go with fruity shape instead.

The flavour is what you'd expect from Starburst, the shape is just plain sad.