Starburst "Snakes"


I’m going to start this review off by clearing up a detail that most people from North America might not understand. These are not Starbursts in the shape of snakes. In fact, there’s almost nothing about these that are similar to Starbursts chewy candies at all. I’m not sure why Wrigley’s sells a gummy candy under the Starburst banner either. When I saw these on the shelf, I was both fascinated and confused, but once I opened the bag, I was instantly aware that this are just gummies. Having said that, I would really like to see Starbursts expand into new shapes in North America. It might be fun to turn their chewy taffy into fun shapes, something that no one really does, but I think it would work really well.

As for these gummies, they’re pretty good. The one similarity that they have to Starburst is that they’re very fruity. There are certainly more fruit flavours and colours in this bag of gummy snakes than one would typically find in a package of Starbursts, and that’s a good thing. I also like the fact that each snake in kind of unique in colour (and flavour I assume). Some snakes were almost entirely one colour, some were fifty-fifty, and everything in between. It seemed like each snake was unique, and that’s pretty rare when it comes to gummy colours, even in other snake/worm gummy treats.

It also seemed like each colour of gummy had a different flavour, but after eating about three of the snakes the flavours really blended together. This is actually okay with me, since the flavour was really fruity, and the combination of flavours was really tasty. I feel like these worked pretty well as gummy snakes.

If you’re looking for classic Starbursts, you’re going to be disappointed. It seems like somewhere down the line, Wrigley’s decided to compete with Australian brands like Allen’s, and for some reason they decided to put it under their Starburst brand. I’m not sure why they did this, but if you realise that you’re not getting any taffy, you’ll be fine with these gummy snakes.