Status "Lacta"


This ice cream treat is a spin off of the chocolate bar known as "Lacta". The Lacta bar had a few problems with it, namely the fact that the chocolate was too creamy. Now I know this is a strange problem to have with a chocolate bar but the creamy flavour took over any cocoa flavour and that's not good. So, what does this have to do with its ice cream cousin?

When you take a really creamy chocolate and use it to cover chocolate ice cream it works. Not that I don't love really cocoa heavy ice cream, it's just that you can get away with a creamier chocolate on a treat like this. The smooth chocolate ice cream flavour in the middle just blended beautifully with the hard, creamy milk chocolate outside. Even better, the chocolate outside was nice and thick, and although it cracked, it didn't fall apart like many other crunchy chocolate ice cream exteriors.

Even though the chocolate on the outside didn't contrast with the ice cream centre, which can be good. Instead, the creamy chocolate blended beautifully with smooth ice cream. It was almost as if you didn't get two taste contrasts but instead two texture contrasts. It's a great treat.