Fruit Stripe Gum


I remember watching the commercials for this gum when I as a kid. I remember seeing them and feeling envious. While I could watch the commercials, I couldn’t get the gum. That’s because I was watching commercials for this gum on American television stations, and I lived in Canada. The gum was only available in America, so I would have to go to the US to get it. As a little kid, getting across a border is a lot harder than when you’re grown up. So, I would watch these commercials wishing I could have a pack of this really fun looking gum.

The first thing you notice about Fruit Stripes gum is a really powerful synthetic fruit taste. While the flavour is really strong, the gum really does not hold up very long. You get a blast of flavour, but in on time you’re chewing on a tasteless piece of rubber. It’s pretty disappointing.

In each pack you get several different flavours and colours of gum. The cool thing is that the flavors are very different. While each colour of gum has its own flavour, they really don't taste like any fruit I know. The stripes on each piece of gum look kind of neat before you chew it, but in the end, they just turn into a solid colour. It’s an okay gum, but likely not worth a two hour drive across a border.

Chew Time : 3:37