Strawberry Jelly


This package contains one of the scariest things I've ever seen on any candy package in my entire life. In the bottom left corner is a thumbs up happy face, and bellow that happy face it says "Safe 2 Eat" and "100% Hygienic food". I'm not sure what's more terrifying, that fact that this candy had to put this on their package, or the fact that no other candy has ever put it on their package before. I've been pretty fast a free about the candies I eat, with a few exceptions, I've never refused a candy because I thought it was unsafe. Now this one candy package has changed my mind. I'm also a little worried about the fact that they use "2" instead of "to", and I'm wondering if this Is some kind of legal loophole?

The gummies themselves are pretty tasty. I'm glad, because if this was to be the last gummy that I ever eat, at least they're not disgusting. It would be really sad to die eating a disappointing gummy. The strawberry flavour is nice because it's not overly sweet, and it has a little bit of tartness, which is rare for most gummy berries. For some reason most candy companies seem to think that all berries should be sickly sweet, when in fact most berries at their prime have a hint of tartness.

I should actually clear something up, these aren't really gummies, instead they're jellies. Jellies tend to be a little less rubbery, and melt a little bit as you bite into them. The shape of these jellies is OK, although I was a little disappointed when only some of the leaves at the top of the jelly strawberries were green. A few were just red all the way through. While this is a minor detail, it's a little disappointing.

Well I got through this review, and I'm still alive, I guess they're not only tasty, but they are in fact "Safe 2 Eat".