Strawberry Milk Candy


I'll start off this review with the package. Normally I don't focus that much on the package of any particular candy, but this one is worth note. It doesn't look like much at first, but instead of just ripping open this candy’s cardboard package, there's a much more civilized way to go about it. After taking off the clear plastic film, you pull the end of this box (which is easy because there's two tabs) and the entire contents of the package opens like a drawer. This allows you to easily take a candy and close the package back up keeping your leftover candy ready for the next creamy strawberry craving.

This is a good thing because these Strawberry Milk Candies are not what I thought they would be. I thought I was getting a box of strawberry milk candy chews, but they're not. In fact, these are hard candies, that's why having a good package that can open and close is so important. The flavour delivers a pretty good treat, at the very least it delivers what it says it will deliver, a strawberry milk candy. It's has a nice creamy flavour with just the right amount of strawberry to back it up.

If I had to complain about anything it would be the texture. The first problem with the texture is that near the end of the life of the candy it gets really brittle. It feels a little weird when you're almost finished sucking on this candy and that’s a little off putting. The second problem is more phycological in that I can't get around the idea of having a hard milk candy. I'm so used to them being soft and chewy that I find myself biting down on these every time I put one of these in my mouth.

These Strawberry Milk Candies aren't bad, I don't think I'd recommend hunting them down, but if you want something that can last a few minutes and satisfy a sweet craving on the go they're fine.